We are a team of more than 1,500 talented people of 16 different nationalities who work hard and laugh loud.

We are BRAVE to experiment and act fast. We innovate with technology. We fall and rise, and we learn from our mistakes. 

We are PASSIONATE about everything we do. We make a positive impact with every step we take. We challenge ourselves to do more and to do better. 

We are CARING for others and offer support. We thrive in diversity. We treat others the way we would like to be treated.


To become a legendary Next Gen Digital Lending partner loved by our customers and our people.


We are committed to offering easy and convenient banking products and services, with clear understanding of the needs of our customers and the desire to bring positive change into their financial lives.


We keep showing to the world how awesome we are

We operate in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Germany, and are passportised for cross-border activities in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and Lithuania. No surprise our awards cabinet keeps expanding with prestigious prizes from globally recognised names. Here are just a few:

We are among the most profitable and efficient banks in Bulgaria for the last 7 years (Capital K10)

Best financial institution in Bulgaria by Company of the Year Awards in 2021

Hypergrowth in retail lending award by Forbes Romania in 2021

The best online deposit platform awarded in Romania by eFinance in 2021

Hypergrowth in online lending product by Wall-Street.ro in 2021

Effie Award for Unicorn Pig deposits marketing campaign in 2020

this is who we are

Are you one of us?

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Java Back-End Developer
Enterprise Risk Manager
Enterprise Risk Management Department
System Solutions Developer
Customer Lifecycle Solutions
Front-End Developer
Project Manager
Products & Projects
Senior Accountant
Senior Internal Auditor, Regulatory Risk
internal audit
Agile Senior Project Manager
Business Analyst
Project Managment
Software Developer
Operations Automation
.NET Developer
Windows System Administrator
Content Manager
Junior Financial Analyst, Regulatory and Group Reporting
Group and Regulatory Reporting
Senior Financial Analyst
Management Reporting and Financial Analysis
Банков служител - гр. Нова Загора
Retail Banking
Организатор партньорска мрежа - гр. Асеновград
Retail Banking
Търговски представител - гр. Варна
Retail Banking
Банков служител - гр. Пловдив
Консултант стокови кредити в Технополис Мол България - гр. София
Big Chains
Мобилен Банков експерт - гр. София
Retail Banking
Бизнес Организатор - гр. Варна
Retail Banking
Търговски представител - гр. Бургас
Retail Banking
​ Консултант стокови кредити - гр. Смолян
​ Консултант стокови кредити - гр. Пловдив
Big Chains
Бизнес Организатор - гр. София
Retail Banking
​ Консултант стокови кредити - гр. Велико Търново
Java Back-End Developer
Банков служител - гр. Русе
Retail Banking
Консултант стокови кредити в големите търговски обекти - гр. Сандански
Big Chains
Специалист, Кредитна администрация
Loan Administration
Банков служител - гр. София
Retail Banking
​ Консултант стокови кредити в големите търговски обекти за техника - гр. Плевен
Мениджър Банков офис - гр. Русе
Office Network
Търговски представител - гр. Стара Загора
Merchant Solutions Sales
Кредитен консултант в големи търговски вериги за техника - гр. Благоевград
Big Chains
Консултант клиенти, стоково кредитиране - гр. София
Big Chains
Търговски представител - гр. София
Merchant Solutions Sales
Специалист телепродажби и комуникация с клиенти
Call Center